Saturday, December 31, 2016

6 Things That Won't Happen When Using Real Estate for Retirement

1. You won't be stuck relying on a Social Security check that may or may not be there. Social Security is projected to be depleted by the year 2034. Meaning that the government would pay out only 79% of benefits. So can we get a refund for the 21% difference that the government took out of our paychecks for Social Security? What about a discount on Social Security withholding? Right! Didn't think so. Owning real estate cuts the strings from government dependency because you'll have a steady flow of income, with exponential growth potential, unhindered by the economic looming woes. 

2. You Won't Have To Stop Eating Steak Because of a Fixed Income. What's on the menu Mr. or Mrs. Retiree? "Canned peas and turkey's all I can afford." It would suck to eat something you really don't want because it's in your budget. Sometimes you just really want a steak. With real estate, the menu is whatever you want it to be every night. You'll be collecting so many rent checks from your cash flowing properties, you won't even have time to decide  which cut you want. Ribeye? Filet Mignon? NY Strip? How about a nice T-Bone? Good call.

3. You won't be forced into a 55+ community because you can't afford your home. This is a sad reality when people have to downsize because of cutting expenses. You don't want to leave your home but you can't afford to stay because your fixed income doesn't cut it. Prized possessions, family heirlooms, sentimental items and invaluable emotional attachments are all stripped away because of lack of financial freedom which translates to lack of choices. Real estate investing gives you the ability to preserve the intangible ties that bind us to our homes and most precious possessions. Everyone deserves to be happy in their own home.

4. You won't have to say goodbye to a preferred doctor because of government health insurance. According to, although 9 out of 10 doctors accept medicare, only 72% of primary care physicians are accepting new patients with medicare. That's a nearly 10% difference from those who have private insurance. 3 out of every 10 doctors will turn you away because either they aren't taking anymore medicare patients or they or they don't accept it. Your health is paramount, and losing it diminishes your quality of life. Real estate supplies you with the funds to get the top notch healthcare you deserve, and not what others want to determine for you. 

5. You won't have your entertainment limited to watching Matlock everyday, with going grocery shopping as the highlight of the day. Life after retirement is more than just watching the news at 5 and 10 o' clock while eating tuna and saltines. Real estate makes life real interesting. You'll be able to actually live life, instead of just watching it on TV. With the income it provides, and the time retirement provides, it's bucket list time! Go golfing at Augusta National. How about saltwater fishing in the Keys? Skiing in Vail? Skydiving? Dating? Classic cars? The possibilities are endless, and as long as you're having fun, that's what really counts.

6. You won't fail to leave a legacy for your family. USA Today reports that a whopping 64% of Americans don't even have a will! It's not always the case that retirees don't want to leave an inheritance behind. The truth of the matter is they just don't have it. If you're trying to survive, barely keeping your head above water, how can you help someone else? Real Estate investments give your loved ones the financial security and foundation to keep generating wealth for generations to come. Why? Well, you won't be swimming in debt, which will allow you to estate plan and give your family what they really deserve. A brighter future.


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