Thursday, December 22, 2016

3 Reasons Why Living Check To Check Sucks

Seasons Greetings Pennies! The holidays are upon us yet again, and I'm thinking more about paying bills than actually enjoying the holidays. I could be the only one but I'm sick of just existing to build up someone else's dream and being content to live with the meager scraps that come with a J-O-B. So here are my top 3 reasons why living check to check sucks.

1. Constantly having to check your account balance

I hate having to check my account 30,000 times a day to check what comes out when. Payday is the worst because I literally get out of bed and check my account to see if the check is in, because if it's not, I'm cooked. 

It's also so annoying to go, after every purchase and check it just to make sure the money is right, even for fast food. "Like dude, I just want some french fries without having to look at this doggone balance." What a drag...

2.  Any emergency is a BIG deal

Emergencies suck when you live paycheck to paycheck. The main reason is because you have your bills setup a certain way around your pay schedule and it becomes a systematic thing. This is especially the case if you have your bills on auto-pay. So you and your systematic bills are in a good groove, you have chemistry and everything is gravy, until a flat tire happens. Or what if you or one of your kids gets sick and you have to go to the ER or urgent care? How about your car takes a crap on you and breaks down? I'm imagining being in a grocery store, and my kid smashes a carton of eggs in the checkout, and the cashier looks at me and says "Um...Sir, you have to pay for that." Not my fault but I have to pay for it.
Here comes the aha moment in a Forest Gump analogy. "Emergencies are like a carton of eggs someone else broke yet you have to pay for it." Usually these things are charged to a credit card with magical things like points and rewards that make you feel good, until you snap out of it and look at the interest you're paying and want to hurl. Emergency funds don't exist because of holiday shopping, birthdays, I work hard so I'm going to "treat myself" stuff, we swipe because we got it stuff, Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now, Spotify Premium and all of those other subscriptions you DON'T use half the time and forgot to cancel like 9 months ago, and, oh yeah, previous emergencies.

3. You can't afford to miss work

Some people couldn't afford to live without OT. Overtime is literally paying some bills, which drags because, what happens when overtime goes bye bye? Get a second job? Sell stuff on eBay? More credit cards? It's literally a shame that we can't take a mental day or vacation because the 8 hrs of personal time isn't enough. There might be days when you're about to kill over because you're so sick but you have bills to pay. What's more important, paying your mortgage or nursing a head cold? Reality is such a jerk sometimes.

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