Saturday, September 10, 2016

Bad At Saving? Try Digit!

Aloha Pennies! Today I want to talk about one of the hardest things to do on planet earth. Dah dum dahhh!!! Saving money :(, not my favorite subject, but ok, here goes. 
Ever since I can remember, I've always had trouble with saving money. Even as a kid, I was very spend-happy, and was terrible with money management on my own. Thank Heaven for my dad. My dad was not only my hero growing up, he's also my personal accountant. He opened an account under his name for me and made regular deposits of any income I made. He would bring me monthly statements to show me my balance and see how my money was growing. 

Dad was very strict with my money also, if I needed to withdraw money, I'd better have a good reason for it. Otherwise I was denied the funds for fear that I'd blow it all. He taught me that money was a tool, a very powerful tool, that could be used for either good or evil. I also heard a word from him that I'll teach my kids, and that's steward.

A steward is basically someone who is trusted to control something that someone else owns. When the owner leaves a steward alone with his property, it's up to him or her to take care of that property. Then when the owner returns they'll see that their confidence and trust was well placed. 
Growing up, my dad was my steward, and a great steward at that! But now that I'm an adult, all the money management responsibilities are on me. I hate saving! But I know it's necessary, so I started looking for a new steward to help me out. Enter Digit. 

So I heard about this app called Digit, that was supposed to be a super smart, automatic savings app that takes small amounts out of your account. I thought to myself, hey this is a scam! While it sounded like a good service, I couldn't get over the fact of giving someone I didn't even know access to my account information. Who knows, I could wake up one day penniless because they jacked my account. So I did my research, looking at articles, YouTube review videos, and testimonials, to see if this could possibly work for me. Once I was convinced, I had to then try to convince my wife to get on board. She was EXTREMELY skeptical! Which, I kinda expected, because my wife is very practical and if she doesn't know someone personally who's tried a product, she'll more than likely turn it down. A short time passed and my wife gave the ok. 

So I set up an account, which was very easy to do, and like PayPal it verified my account by making two small deposits. After my account was verified, Digit got to work, taking out small amounts almost daily, building up my savings account. The cool thing is that it's absolutely painless, meaning I don't even notice the money coming out of my account because Digit doesn't take huge lump sums, but small amounts, spread out over time. Also, it's monitors and takes into account your bills and spending habits, so it won't take out money at a bad time. 

There was an instance where Digit didn't take out money from my account for a whole month because we traveled a lot that month so our spending increased dramatically. I thought that it was broken because no money was being taken out for a whole month, so I called customer service to see what was going on. They told me that Digit saw a big increase in spending and didn't think that it was a good time to withdraw funds. But given time, it would start back saving just like before. I thought that was the coolest thing I'd ever heard. 

Digit has become not only a good steward of my funds but also a bud of mine. The developers of Digit went so far as to give it a personality. It texts me good morning every day and with my balance and recent transactions. I can text back and it'll text me back in conversational manner, and sometimes throw in cool quotes, GIFs, and jokes. With Digit I don't have to worry about saving money now, because it does it for me. I just sit back, relax, and watch the money grow. If you're like me and have trouble saving, I highly recommend it. Cheerio my Penny friends!


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